Chinese Medicine

Teaching traditional methods

External Application of Chinese Herbs
Sports and Trauma Medicine

This is a 4 hour class taught by Andy Ellis in the use of Chinese Herbs when applied externally. External application of herbs comes in many forms, ranging from the use of liniments, poultices and plaster to the direct application of herbs on various acupuncture points. The use of external herbs dates back to the Zhou dynasty in the text of the Wu Shi Er Bing Fang - «?????» (Prescriptions for 52 Diseases), which has an entire section devoted to external methods for treating disease.

This class will discuss several different herbal preparations and methods of application for external usage. The class will also discuss which formulas and applications are appropriate for a variety of different conditions.

Andy Ellis is the owner and founder of Spring Wind Herbs based in Berkeley, CA. In addition to authoring several books on Chinese medicine and Chinese herbs, he has studied extensively both in the US and in China and apprenticed under Xu Fu-Su in Taiwan. Spring Wind Herbs has a variety of liniments, plasters and poultices available in their line of products.

Pediatric Tui Na
Infant Development and Massage

Class Details

Join us for an exciting opportunity to learn Pediatric Acupuncture with Frances Goodwin, L.Ac. Frances has been practicing Chinese medicine for over 30 years. She is one of only a handful of practitioners who specializes in pediatric conditions. A hidden gem of our field, Frances will be offering her expertise to provide an introduction to treating pediatric patients with acupuncture and tuina.

Topics Covered

  • Normal Development for the first two years of life
  • Developmental Milestones
  • Red Flags
  • When to Refer
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Ailments
  • Acupuncture and Tui Na for Infants and Newborns