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Labor Support

Labor is one of the most difficult experiences that women can go through. It is stressful, painful, and scary, but also magical, beautiful and life changing. Chinese medicine is probably best known for its ability to change the position of babies that are in the breech position, but that is only one of many conditions that we treat in relation to labor. We can prepare the body for labor, which often allows labor to begin, we can help to provide the necessary energy to endure labor and we can help to manage the pain during labor.

In addition to extensive continuing education training on labor and pregnancy, Tuesday has undergone an intensive clinical internship with Claudia Citkovitz at NYU Langone Hospital (formerly Lutheran Medical Center). Upon completion of her internship, Tuesday became credentialed to practiced acupuncture at NYU Langone Hospital (formerly Lutheran Medical Center) and worked there from 2015 to 2017.